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Путешествие в Лондон . Would you like to go to London wit me?
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Путешествие в Лондон

Would you like to go to London with me?

My full name is Taleeva Elena Evgenievna. I am from Kharuta, Nenets Autonomous okrug, Russia. I am 15 years old. I study at the 8-th form in school of Kharuta.

I’d like to visit London. I want to know something new about UK and its capital. There are many parks, museums, historical places and many others.

I’d like to see “Big Ben”, because it is the biggest clock in the world. “Big Ben” actually called the Great Bell of Westminster and was made in 1858. Nobody knows for sure why Big Ben is called Big Ben, but many people think it was something to do with Sir Benjamin Hall, a rather fat man who was in charge of the building works at Westminster and whose nickname was ‘Big Ben’. This clock weighs 13 tons. Its minute hands in each of the clock faces are nearly 5 meters long. And it is very interesting to watch how minute hands are moving.

Also I’d like to see Imperial War Museum very much. Due to this is one of the best war museums in the world. There are many interesting techniques which were used in wars. But it is so many that one visit hardly seems enough. In the main hall I can see an impressive collection of guns, tanks, rockets and planes hanging from the ceiling.

Besides, I’d interesting to go to Bank Station. It is said to be, people saw ‘Black Nun’ there. The Nun’s brother, Philip Whitehead was bank worker, who was executed for forgery. (Bank of England) The Nun waited for him outside the bank every evening for 40 years, until her death. People say that she is still looking for him along the platforms.

Bus is one of main means of transport. In London there are 700 routes, on which are moved more 6 million people every day. Buses “Routemaster” are symbol of London and UK. But in December 2005 the last “Routemaster” was retired. I’d like to ride so bus, because it is a classic British design and it is part of London’s history and heritage.

I want to take to many excursions, because these buses go on excursion routes. London is very beautiful city, is not it? So, would you like to go to London with me?


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